Feedworms / scrolls

A feedscroll is a rotating device to separate and pitch containers, it is used mainly on the infeed to a bottling machine to accelerate containers to a given pitch.

They can be used for a variety of specialist proposes, Dataplas’s years of experience and technical expertise and the latest CNC equipment mean that Dataplas have unrivalled capability to produce high performance scrolls with speed, accuracy and complete repeatability. This expertise enables us to not only produce feedworms for round containers but also many obscure profile containers. We are able to produce

Dwell Worms, Combiner Worms, Transfer Worms, Grouping Worms and Orientating Worms (used extensively in the multi-packaging and sleeving industry). All our feedworms are produced on purpose built VMC machines using the latest CAD / CAM software. This allows us to manufacture Feedworms with gradual acceleration, giving the smoothest possible container handling.

Our standard material for producing worms is Polystone (UHMWPe) which is available in a variety of colours, but we regularly produce scrolls in Nylon, PVC, PTFE, Aluminum Bronze and Oilon.

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